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Кафе «Колибри»В самом сердце города Бор, на улице Пушкина 106, распахнул свои двери ресторанный комплекс. Который, включает в себя Европейское кафе «Колибри» из двух залов с уютной обстановкой на 80 посадочных мест. Меню кафе разнообразно: холодные и горячие закуски, горячие блюда из мяса и рыбы, десерты. Визитная карточка нашего кафе - фирменное мороженное Колибри, приготовленное по итальянской технологии. Мы проводим детские праздники, утренники, у нас вы можете отметить день рождения. Кафе оборудовано летней верандой, детской площадкой и удобной парковкой, у нас есть WI-FI. Огромная коктейльная карта никого не оставит равнодушным. По вашему заказу изготовим торт любой сложности. Действует система скидок по дисконтным картам.

В комплексе открылся ресторан «Пломбир», с изысканным убранством и необычным авторским меню от Артема Конюшева известного Шеф-повара – победителя многих кулинарных конкурсов, лауреата правительственной премии в области кулинарии. Интерьер ресторана поистине поразит вас стильным убранством в приятных ванильных и шоколадных тонах. Место идеально подходит для проведения: деловых переговоров и встреч, корпоратива, тематических вечеров, дня рождения, юбилея, свадьбы. При проведении свадебного банкета, молодоженам в подарок свадебный торт! У нас вы можете заказать оформление вашего праздника и шоу программу, как для детей, так и для взрослых. Мы всегда рады видеть вас по любому поводу и без него!

г.Бор ул., Пушкина, дом 106.

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Кафе «Колибри»Кафе «Колибри»Кафе «Колибри»Кафе «Колибри»Кафе «Колибри»Кафе «Колибри»Кафе «Колибри»
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Кафе «Колибри».
Кафе «Колибри»


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Ms Clark can spend money on health, education and the police without the suggestion of fiscal irresponsibility. While her government is unashamedly interventionist, Ms Clark has learnt the lessons well. "I think an advanced government with too much head, a lot of economic rationalism, you break the spirit of the people.

The images capture the rhythms of the sea, endlessly animated with the movement of life in all its amazing diversity.The photographs will probably be exhibited from Aug. 6, 2009 to Sept. 22, 2009. There are many similarities between the cougar, the kitten, as well as the cougar, the older woman Nike Air Running Shoes at a bar Home Page in search of young men. They both look hungry and stalk helpless prey under Twenty five years old, the young, juicy ones. Both of them emerge mainly through the night and sleep inside the day like Dracula.

Last year, she won by way of a margin of a single.74 lakh votes, the best within the city. In the other five constituencies in Mumbai, the victory of Congress NCP candidates was propelled by Raj Thackeray Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, which cut into the saffron vote. Ms.

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I prefer living up there. I didn't possess intends to leave and so i wasn't entirely sure what to do. I've paid the rent on a monthly basis, I've kept the apartment in excellent, I've kept up my side of the bargain, I've done nothing wrong. "The results of the hypothermia have essentially resolved, and the frostbite in the extremities has improved rapidly also," Dr. John Bednar, the hospital's medical chief of staff, said during a news conference. It could take weeks to ascertain whether you will have long lasting effects in the frostbite, even though it is a minor case, he added..

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Its a sad situation when Clarksville and Mecklenburg County Virginia has stopped looking out for us local folks. Have you noticed how the city, local and county officals like the businesses have began to cater to the visitors and tourist who play and decied to relocate. Check out the local supermarket prices, We have a clothing store people cant manage to shop in, What can us locals employ out your Dollar Generals ? Our vistors don't go shopping for groceries, clothes, shoes, only shoes, a gal milk or loaf of bread.

LOWE: You can find seven special considerations that Peters Baker gave us today. He can't are drinking alcoholic beverages, he can't have contact with the victim or her family; he's community service. You understand, these are forms of items that you hear about drug testing.

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I have tried this and trust me, I have found it really effective. If you stress yourself to the limit, your pain may worsen. Therefore, lay down for Fifteen minutes or maybe more on your back. It appears inevitable that shoving the deliciously greasy roll right into a QSR (Quick Serviced Restaurant) format will get rid of the romance. People from Kolkata end up heated up about this, laughs Kiran Nadkarni, CEO of Kaati Zone. Admittedly, it will seem like an attempt to stuff a regal kanjeevaram clad aunty right into a leather biker girl miniskirt..

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Some attemptedto deplete the cloud with the judicious utilization of water over a muck pile because they were slushing out their stope, the significant area whose name was obviously a bastardization with the word "step" from your days when mining was done in the stairstep fashion. But water only goes so deep a maximum of six inches and men and machines stop absolutely free. They did not wear any type of respirator or paper filter, though sound judgment would indicate that such precautions will help.

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Part of what drives John is the fact that he feels he's something to prove to his father,'' says Tim Addis, Edwards's cousin and close boyhood friend. Wallace didn't go far while he was lacking the degree. John won't stop trying. You will find had proper schooling so if you're just airlifted into an IIT thanks to your scheduled or backward caste, you will end up a miserable misfit in the intellectually and socially elite IIT atmosphere. You cannot cope with the courses; you can not speak the campus lingo. Nike Damen You are feeling ostracized, intellectually and socially.

Ankle boots aren't anything new, but the evolution from the bootie is astounding. Heel heights have spiked, the peep toe is a very common feature and metallic details add some punch to conservative styles. As it grazes the ankle it really is versatile enough to wear with dresses and pants, although not as formal or stuffy being a pump..

Wish to acknowledge in just a aching way. It's very an easy task to get affronted if something happens to us we presume is unfair. Some things appear because added being has something traveling on within their activity or has a affair to accord that creates these to baste out at us.

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Len wanted a bit more swivel in her own hips but stated it was "top notch." Bruno said hello was "so inventive" and loved her stylistic details. Scores: 9, 8, 9 = 26Snooki channeled Marilyn Monroe on her quickstep. "I feel like during my past life I used to be Lana turner," she explained.

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У матерей и отцов разные подходы к воспитанию. Часто то, что мама запрещает, папой поощряется. А то, что мама считает вполне приемлемым, папа считает одним из самых строжайших запретов. Так в чем же…

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Если дети не ладят между собой Если дети не ладят между собой

Известно много случаев, когда между детьми устанавливаются сложные отношения. Соперничество между братьями и сестрами распространено. В одних семьях дети с улыбкой воспринимают все возможные…

Игра в воде "Клоуны" Игра в воде "Клоуны"

Клоуны (игра в воде) Рекомендуемая глубина воды – по грудь. При помощи родителей ребенок может совершать всяческие прыжки, кувырки вперед и назад.

Опасные бутылочки Опасные бутылочки

Собственный дом – интереснейший объект для исследований ребёнка. Не удивительно, что он уделяет этому всё свободное время, даже не представляя, какие опасности могут его ожидать уже за первой дверью.…

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Кафе «Колибри»
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Кафе «Колибри»
Кафе «Колибри…

В самом сердце города Бор, на улице Пушкина…

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